Tuition and Mentoring

A Tailored, One-to-One Service

I offer a professional teaching, training and mentoring service in software- and web-development that is available to people of all ages and walks of life.

You may be a student needing help with a computer science or programming course, perhaps a person wishing to start a new career in the world of software, or an established developer seeking to enhance your skills. I will tailor the material we cover to suit your requirements precisely, irrespective of your situation.

There are no set-up costs - you need only get in touch via the contact form on this site, describing your requirements, at which point we can arrange a date/time and the session duration.

Following that, we can link-up on-line via Zoom - a most effective way of doing things - or I can visit your locale, as long as travel there and back takes no longer than two hours. Alternatively, you can travel to my base of operations if that works better for you. I am a little over five minute's walk from two overground stations and from the local tube station too.

I cover a diverse range of software-development subjects, including (in alphabetical order):

Assembly Language

I also cover, to very great depth indeed, the principles and practice of software design, implementation and development (known popularly as Object Orientation and Software Engineering), along with web-site design and implementation. Coverage of machine architectures and operating-system theory also comprise a significant part of my portfolio.

I charge £30.00 per hour currently and I apply a cumulative discount for clients who book two or more sessions in advance. That is, the greater the number of sessions you puchase at one time the greater the discount.

Moreover, I create a sub-domain for each regular client where I post all code, diagrams etc. that the client and I cover in a given session. For example, if your name is Susan Jones, your sub-domain would be This sub-domain is available freely to you at any time and is private in that it cannot be located via a search engine. The content on that sub-domain increases by one page per session to yield a resource to which you can refer at any time.

Do note that the client feedback quoted here is taken verbatim (i.e. including typos) from my account with First Tutors, an on-line tutoring-agency through which I have acquired many-score clients since 2006. These are the unexpurgated words of real people.

Please note too that I levy an additional charge of £10.00 if I travel to see you for a given session. This is only reasonable given that time spent travelling to see a client is time not spent working on other things.


Nice guy, has a very deep understanding of programming, and really knows his stuff. Very professional, and an excellent teacher. Very good at explaining things. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill tutor.


Richard’s teaching experience, industry and product knowledge are top level.


Excellent tutor, could not have hoped for better. He is clear and confident in his explanations, as long as you have the will to learn you will go far with him.


Richard is an excellent tutor - patient, reliable and gives detailed and clear explanations. I am very satisfied with my tuition.


Richard is a brilliant teacher with vasts amounts of technical knowledge. It is important for a teacher to be able to explain their teachings on the level of the student - this is something Richard was extremely good at. I feel I expanded my technical terminology since starting the lessons and talk about code more confidently on a day to day basis.

I would recommend him as a tutor to anyone either:

  1. Starting out in the industry who wants to grasp the fundamentals of computer programming.
  2. Already developing/working and wanting to expand their knowledge base.
  3. If you are stuck on a particular project and need help.

Happy coding!


I contacted Richard to help me with Javascript. He has a lot of experience and its knowledge was visible since the first time we met. Richard explains everything really clearly and makes sure that I always understand all the topics.

He is very professional and a fantastic tutor. Highly recommended!


Richard is an amazing tutor, who has taken me from very little coding knowledge to being a professional developer. His explanations for things are brilliant, and he really goes the extra mile to ensure understanding. Richard shows examples of problems and how to solve them, as well as teaching me how to use things like the browser debugger. He will also give me practice problems so that I can practice in my own time, and he also gives a sub-domain so that I can access the code we have worked on anytime.

All of this was instrumental to me switching to a career as a developer. One thing that stands out about Richard is his passion for programming - it is infectious, and he is always keen to show you as many things about programming as possible. Over the time I've had tutoring with him, Richard has taught me things in Javascript, C, C++, Python and SQL, as well as sessions about computer architecture and operating systems, which really showcases the range of knowledge that he has.

Richard is a tutor that will truly go above and beyond for his clients, and he is incredibly generous with the time that he spends on updating sub-domains and writing follow-up emails - he is also more than happy to answer any questions I have between sessions via email. Essentially, I cannot recommend Richard's tutoring enough, he is fantastic.


Richard is an excellent tutor with a lot of knowledge on the subject. He is able to break down and explain complex things in an easy to understand way and he can identify and address areas that you have problems with. His passion for programming rubs off on you.


Richard is an excellent tutor. He's helped me understand key programming concepts by explaining them step by step in a considered manner and has accompanied our sessions with challenging but fun take home exercises which aim to cement your knowledge.

I plan on having many future sessions with Richard, his knowledge and understanding of my chosen language of JavaScript is vast and his passion for his craft is infectious.


Richard is an outstanding tutor with an unbelievable passion for programming which is just infectious! He has a wealth of knowledge of multiple languages but most importantly he has a deep understanding of good design so not only will you improve at the language you're studying but as a rounded programmer who is able to adapt to a multitude of languages using good design principles. As an electronic engineer I love the way Richard is able to link the software to the computer architecture to help give a deeper understanding of how the two interact and how good design principles can be used to optimise the code.

Richard really does go above and beyond for his clients and I simply cannot praise or recommend him enough!


Richard is an excellent tutor and I feel extremely fortunate to have found him and had the opportunity to work with him.

Richard's style of teaching is both thorough and inspiring (impressive considering how despondent I was feeling about the subject matter when I started working with him). Richard's passion for programming shines through in his tuition and he really brings the subject to life. He is particularly good at explaining the concepts behind the code in a way that is easy to understand even for a beginner. Whereas some online resources seem to just teach the code itself and it's syntax, Richard goes far beyond that. Whilst it is JavaScript that I have been working on with Richard, I feel that his tuition has given me logical thinking skills which will benefit me in programming generally, not just with JavaScript.

I must also mention that during the time I have been working with Richard he has frequently gone above and beyond what could be expected from a tutor. You can tell that he genuinely cares about the subject matter and providing an excellent service. Setting up online tuition with a tutor you haven't met in person for a subject you are finding difficult can seem a daunting experience, but Richard made the whole thing very smooth and comfortable with detailed explanations of what he would provide and how he worked and prompt and friendly communications. He is very easy to get along with, and that makes working and learning that much easier and more enjoyable.

In short, I cannot recommend Richard highly enough to anyone looking for tuition.


My son started doing his sessions with Richard just this summer as a full beginner.

It's still early days but as a parent, I find the regular updates and comprehensive feedback very useful to assess progress.


Richard is an experienced tutor great at explaining the concepts of programming to beginners. He is able to bring real world knowledge as to why things should be done in a certain way.


Richard has a very deep understanding of javascript and will always make sure he answers any questions you put to him and make sure you understand any topic covered in the session. He sets up a sub domain on his personal site so that you can always reflect on previous lessons and with the coding challenges he sets between sessions you realise how much you can do with a little bit of syntax and being taught the right way to think about coding problems. Every session ive had has also gone over the time paid for and richard has never made that an issue. Overall a good bloke and educator.


Richard helped our son get to grips very quickly with some of the most complex C++ concepts he was struggling with in his university module. We would characterise Richard as extremely thorough, patient and responsive to our son’s learning needs. We will certainly be calling on Richard for future assistance and would very much recommend him as an excellent tutor.


Find richards sessions very insightful. Hes very passionate about programming and that shines through in the lessons. Can see genuine progression each time. Would definitely recommend.


I have been working with Richard to learn the fundamentals of Python. We have been working together for a few months now and I would highly recommend Richard.


I recommend Richard as a tutor. There is only so much you can learn on your own and having someone explain concepts you are not too sure about sure helps!


I had a very specific programming project with which I needed help and Richard gave me very valuable insight and detailed analysis of the issue. Vety helpful and thorough in his explanations.


Richard was excellent. He really helped my son, who feels much more confident with C programming now. Many thanks Richard.


Richard is an excellent tutor, experienced, very reliable and knowledgeable.

He goes the extra mile to help you understand a problem.

Thanks Richard.


Richard is an excellent tutor. His teaching style is very visual and he clearly understands the code and the problems that beginners have. He has also been very flexible with his time.


Richard is an excellent tutor who teaches with enthusiasm and patience, nothing is ever too much to explain and I feel extremely comfortable asking if I do not understand something. Due to Richard's excellent knowledge he is able to explain anything that we stumble across and he uses easy to understand examples in order to explain difficult things. I am very happy with the tutoring that Richard provides.